When you know, and you know you know, knowledge replaces fear.

This sales video library is primarily compiled from Sir Victor’s extensive experience and training within the financial services industry. The content of this program is also valuable to any other sales career, including retail.

Each chapter chronologically follows the sales circle. In this modern era of computers, tablets and smartphones, it can be easy to miss a prospects needs/wants, buying signals, while focusing on an essential compliance questionnaire or computer screen.

Sir Victor, The Chevalier of Sales™ is committed through this website and his keynote speaker engagements, to keep alive and relevant all the tips and techniques that have evolved in the Financial Service Industry, in a way that is complementary in this digital age. The chapters in this video library are presented in an informative, entertaining, amusing and motivational way.


Chapter 2: Prospecting

During your early years, prospecting is going to be an important part of your daily activity. This chapter examines the different prospecting sources including social media. Learn the crucial 5 criteria that “qualifies” and defines a “Prospect”.

Chapter 3: Referred Leads

Being able to professionally ask for and obtain good quality referrals is without a doubt, the most imperative prospecting method you will study and learn in the industry. Referred Leads are the fast track to a successful career. Gain knowledge of the common objections when asking for referrals and become skilled at dealing with them. Understand the optimum time to ask for referrals.

Chapter 4: The Approach, Appointment Making and Dealing With Common Objections

This chapter will coach you on how to fill your weekly schedule up with appointments and get busy. Common objections when appointment making are reviewed. Learn how to deal with them and how to turn them into a quality appointment.

Chapter 5: (Feeling) Fact Find

This is your first meeting with your prospect to conduct a Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) AKA a “Fact Find”. Learn how to create a positive professional atmosphere and put the prospect at their ease and create a favorable first impression. Understand how to build a good rapport and go deeper than just a questionnaire and get a commitment to action from your prospect at this first meeting.

Chapter 6: Diagnostic And Preparation For The Presentation

This chapter prepares you to use the information your prospect shared with you during the first meeting, to prepare a solution for their needs/wants/goals. Prepare yourself for a presentation of a financial product, that when made, will be done professionally, with empathy and understanding of the prospect, to address their concerns and achieve their goals.

Chapter 7: Presentation And Buying Signals

This chapter guides you how to effectively present your company’s financial product, specifically utilizing the information you collected during your first meeting with the prospect. Gain the knowledge on how to keep your prospect engaged and interested. Coaching on recognizing a “Buying Signal” when you hear one, and how to use it to take the sales presentation directly to the application form.

Chapter 8: Closing

Understand the definition of a “Closing Question” – when to close, types of close, including “pre-close, “alternative close”, and secondary decision close”. Learn the tried and tested rules concerning closing that will make you a Master Closer.

Chapter 9: Common Objections

Objections in the modern era are exactly the same as they always have been. That’s why we call them “Common Objections”. This chapter identifies each one and gives you an effective response that in most cases will turn the common objection into a sale.


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