When you know, and you know you know, knowledge replaces fear.

The nine videos in this sales video library are compiled from Sir Victor’s extensive experience and training within the financial services industry. It is anticipated that the investment you make in this library should be returned to you by means of increased production within the first month. Either by increased sales volume, case size, not missed sales opportunities, or a combination of all three.

Each chapter chronologically follows the sales circle. In this modern era of computers, tablets and smartphones, it can be easy to miss a prospects needs/wants, buying signals, while focusing on an essential compliance questionnaire or computer screen. Sir Victor, The Chevalier of Sales™ is committed through this website and his keynote speaker engagements, to keep alive and relevant all the tips and techniques that have evolved in the Financial Service Industry, in a way that is complementary in this digital age. The chapters in this video library are presented in an informative, entertaining, amusing and motivational way.

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