“When you know, and you know you know, knowledge replaces fear.”

This sales video library is primarily compiled from Sir Victor’s extensive experience and training within the financial services industry. The content of this program is also valuable to any other sales career, including retail.

“Selling is not a problem, it is a process. It only becomes a problem when there is no process.”

Ben Feldmen

This program is for both the new and experienced sales associate.   Often if you’ve been in your industry for some length of time, you can hit a slump or get into a rut.  This program will re-energize you.   As for the new sales person, we know how you feel; it is a scary position to be in.  You have to make sales to survive and meet your financial commitments.  Perhaps you have dependants who are relying on you to be successful.

This program is also a useful tool for the Sales Manager. The management skills you have, will identify areas of the sales circle in which your sales people may need some development.  These video chapters will be a useful tool to help you mentor, motivate and coach your sales team.

The reason that the sales circle is a circle, is because if followed properly, it never ends! Furthermore, when you become efficient with it, you know where your next sale will come from as it becomes part of the process. You will need to become as one with the process to truly succeed.  The sales circle will put your career on an upward spiralling auto pilot!

In this program there is a wealth of information for the seasoned professional as well as the new recruit.  It’s important to remember when somebody starts a sales career, they are almost certainly going to be all fingers and thumbs, disjointed and awkward!

These video chapters will give you the confidence you need to appear like a seasoned professional, even if you are about to go on your very first call.


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