About Sir Victor

A veteran of Britain’s Royal Navy. Sir Victor is a Knight Grand Cross of the International Order of St. George. This order is a Royal Military Order of Knighthood which was established in 1326 in Europe.

Sir Victor started his financial services career in historic Plymouth England, ironic, as this is where the pilgrim fathers sailed from to come to settle in North America in 1620. He regrets that he didn’t come over from England on the Mayflower, but he did actually get here just as soon as he possibly could. Sir Victor’s sales development and speaking engagements take him all across the U.S.A. and Canada.

Sir Victor’s

You will not be asked to do something that you are incapable of.

You will not be asked to do something I have not done myself.

You will not be asked to do something that is impossible.

Known as “The Chevalier of Sales” Sir Victor started out in financial services in sales, became an above average producer, then a top producer who qualified year upon year for MDRT. (Million Dollar Round Table). He went into sales management and thoroughly enjoyed launching many good men and women into their careers. Sir Victor has received many awards for his achievements, all the while enjoying satisfaction of seeing great people grow and prosper. He moved into senior sales management, and enjoyed helping other managers motivate and get the best out of their sales people.

He attended multiple management training courses including:

  • L.I.M.R.A’s (Life Assurance Management Research Association)
  • A.M.T.C. (Agency Management Training Course)
  • Recruiting for Success
  • D.M.S. (Developing Management Skills)
  • Coaching Using a Computer or Notebook at Point of Sale.
  • Launching the New Consultant

Sir Victor wants you to be aware of how ancient the financial services industry is. Many years ago, our predecessors sold policies and investments from horseback, long before computers were even thought of! Many thousands of good sales people have served their communities in this way. Many lessons have been learned by them and passed down through the generations. There is no obstacle, problem or concern you may experience in your career, that has not been encountered and overcome by someone else who went before you.

“If you intend to climb Mount Everest, a good start in your planning phase would be to listen to someone who has already been up there.”

Sir Victor feels extremely passionate about selectively recruiting persons with the right aptitude and capabilities to be successful. To then give that individual all the support and coaching possible, to help that person become successful. This is why he has created these series of video chapters, a library of knowledge containing some of the best sales tips and techniques the world has ever known. Providing the inside track on trade secrets.

Sir Victor
confidently predicts

“If you learn and practice all the crucial material in the Chevalier of Sales™ video library, you WILL enjoy a lengthy and lucrative sales career.”


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